Round Glass Elevators
Round Glass Elevators
Lift Emotion

Beyond offering a technologically superior and robustly engineered smart mobility solution, Lift Emotion create bespoke elevators which can serve as a unique and luxurious focal showpiece for your residence, superyacht, or commercial project. 

At LE, we have many years of experience crafting custom one-of-a-kind elevators tailored to each client’s individual vision. We specialize in rounded elevator shapes which offer the most expansive cabin size in the most streamlined, eye-catching design. Our core expertise is in offering solutions which follow the strictest safety and regulatory standards without sacrificing form to functionality. We don’t use generic elevator models but instead work in partnership with clients to engineer solutions which best serve their project goals. 

We offer a range of drive system types, from hydraulic direct or hydraulic with 2:1 suspension to cable driven drum drive / traction drive or even specialized belt driven solutions. We recently added a state-of-the-art assembly hall to our factory facility, allowing us to preassemble our specialty rounded elevators and offer a high-quality completed product ready to be shipped directly from the factory to clients anywhere in the world. 

Our signature glass design incorporates under-door driven cabin and landing doors, which allow a sleek, slim-profile cabin roof.  In this scenario, as the elevator rises, you see only a 100 – 150 mm trim instead of 500- 700 mm high bulky piece of metal as in standard elevators. The rounded glass can be delivered in basic industrial float glass or opti-white and/or other requested custom finishes.  As per regulatory body requirements, the glass is laminated, and foil in between the glass can be treated with a decorative finish. Our suppliers ensure that all glass panels undergo a stringent quality assurance process. Pre-assembled elevators are glazed before they leave our factory to ensure the look and fit are perfected before on-site installation. 

Both the outside and inside of the lift trunk can be clad with a range of finishes. Most of the time Lift Emotion can also deliver a black coated lift trunk that can be clad by the interior outfitter with materials matching or complementing the rest of the building or boat décor/finishes.  We typically recommend a steel-brushed and/or mirror finish, but other specialty finishes such as mirror dark chrome or wood finishes can also be applied. 

The elevator cabin itself is engineered to be robust and sturdy, providing a safe and comfortable chamber for riders.  Control panels featuring easy-to-use interfaces are seamlessly integrated into cabin design with subtle and chic push buttons which can be customized to any shape or material the client requests. In existing building retrofits, where possible we work with EN81-21 rules which allow us to use install reduced pit depth and trunk top heights. All our equipment is open source, which means local elevator maintenance companies can readily obtain information to ensure ease of access for performance of maintenance tasks. Our elevators are also fitted with remote monitoring enabled controllers which allow clients and maintenance personnel to connect directly to IT support through our internet portal. 

Lift Emotion have worked with clients on a diversity of projects across the globe. Our engineers have extensive experience with projects in the USA and are familiar with ASME manufacturing standards and regulations. Most notably, Lift Emotion was the first supplier in the USA to offer an inverter driven powerpack for a bespoke project – the famed Apple Park ‘spaceship’ – Apple’s flagship headquarters in Cupertino, California. The Apple Park elevators’ spiraling cabins twist as they ascend and descend, requiring a drive solution capable of ensuring a super smooth ride. Our engineers and designers have partnered with clients across a range of industries and can deliver stylish, robust, and sophisticated elevator solutions to any application, limited only by our clients’ imaginations.


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