Before you even book a session with me, one of the first questions I will ask you is "What do you envision as the end result from your session?"

This question is important because the planning of your session begins long before the first shutter click.  We begin the planning process for your session with the end in mind. Knowing how you want to display your images and planning your session around your art products helps to create beautiful portraits that you will be proud to display in your home.

The process will happen over several meetings with me, including your pre-session consultation, the session, the ordering appointment after your session and delivery of your art products.  


The pre-session consultation is where I get to know your family and their style to appropriately plan for the session.  This meeting will help me to plan colors as well as the overall tone of your images whether your style is organic, modern, rustic or traditional.  I will also ask questions relating to your personalities, what makes you "you", your vision for the session and what you most want to capture.  The more detailed information you can provide in your answers will ensure that your finished images encapsulate your family at this point in your lives.


The session is where all the magic takes place!  Our newborn sessions are baby-led, which means that when baby needs to be changed or needs a feeding, we will stop to allow plenty of time for food and cuddles.  We have a typical flow of poses, whether baby is awake or sleepy.  If they are settled but awake, we will do wrapped poses until they fall into a deep sleep.  Some newborn sessions can last 2-3 hours as we take breaks to feed and change baby as well as backdrops and props.  I have everything we would typically need for a session in studio, which means less work for busy moms in the planning process and a more relaxed session.  For maternity sessions , there are a variety of gown styles and colors available, as well as flowy fabrics for an ethereal, natural look.


After your session, we will schedule a private Ordering Appointment for you at our studio.  At this meeting, you will be ordering your art products after you view your finished images larger than life on our 100" projection display, set to beautiful music. This meeting is where you will finalize your order, so be sure to pick a date and time that both mom and dad can attend.  You will have our expert guidance on sizing and how best to display your art products in your home, whether as a stand alone piece or as a grouping.  Our software allows us to import images of your walls to show you what your artwork would look like on your walls - a feature you should definitely take advantage of!  Whether you choose a signature wall art piece or an heirloom album (or both!), your art products will be of the highest quality and will last through generations.


About 3-4 weeks after your Ordering Appointment, we will contact you by phone or email to let you know that your art products are ready for you to take home!  We will make arrangements for you to come by the studio.  Some products, such as our hand made watercolor portraits and Photoblocks will take longer to receive due to the nature of the products.  Once your art pieces are on display, you will be able to enjoy them every day!